Robust and Versatile Servo Drive with Torque, Speed and Position Modes

Provides high performance, response and stability for general purpose applications.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 200V 400W~15kW (400V 400W~15kW Available end of 2014)
  • Support 15bit Absolute and 17bit incremental Encoder
  • The Value of Rotation Resolution Divided can be set as Controller Resolution
  •  Frequency Characteristics Max. 800Hz
  • Main circuit / Control Circuit Power Isolation
  • Torque/Speed/Position/Internal mode (32-step) and Mix mode
  • Built-in Dynamic brake
  • Built-in Regeneration discharging function (No Regenerative resistor built-in on Frame 4 Drive)
  • Programmable DI/DO ports for multi-function
  • Communication interface: RS-232 / RS-485


There are currently no drawings available for this product. Please check back soon.