IEC Cast Iron IE3 Motors (ALCA)

Cast Iron Motors From 80 to 315 available in:

      Multi mount design (ADF) 

      Single position detachable feet (SDF)

      Non detachable feet (NDF)


Key Features

  • 80 to 315 frame.
  • All Motors fitted with Thermistors terminated in the terminal box.
  • IE3 in the same frame size and design as IE2.
  • All Feet fixings are pre-drilled and tapped.
  • All feet are replaceable due to the stator and feet being fully machined before assembly.
  • Re-greaseable bearings on 180 frame and above with button type grease nipple. Grease through system with exit at the bottom of the motor.
  • Quality 63 series bearings from SKF FAG NSK and NTN
  • Two external Earth Fixings on all frames.
  • Two Bolt clamp type on 280 and larger frames.
  • Spring lip seals are fitted as standard on both drive end and none drive end.
  • B5 flanges are fitted with lip seals for use on wet gearboxes.
  • Large Terminal box with two cable entries making connection easy on site.
  • Detachable gland plate on terminal box from 160 frame and above
  • Motor is a symmetrical design allowing the terminal box to be moved towards the fan cowl.
  • Two lifting eye bolts that are moveable so are always in the best position for a safe lift even after the terminal box position has been moved.
  • Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole options with all standard flange mounting options.
  • Paint system is a total of 100 microns thick
  • Stainless steel nameplate


There are currently no drawings available for this product. Please check back soon.