F510 Advanced drive for pump and fan's and applications in Air conditions.


Special functionality like sleep and firemode, pressure and belt monitoring as also firemode esures security and reduces the effort for external control. Integrated communication network protocols for ModBus / BACnet / Metasys N2 makes the F510 for the ideal drive in building automation.  The automatic energy saving (AES) function saves energy costs and reduces CO2 emissions. For harsh environment the F510 is also available in IP55 version.

Key Features

  • IP20 up to 55kW
  • IP55 up to 45kW with Filter
  • IP00 Above 55kW is convertible to IP20 with an option kit
  • Three motor control modes - V/F, SLV, PMSLV with Space Vector PWM Mode
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • PTC input as standard
  • LCD Keypad (IP55); LED Keypad (IP20)
  • Energy saving function
  • Sleep mode
  • Pump switching function
  • Pump Cascade mode
  • Built-in ModBus, BACnet, Metasys
  • Profibus, DeviceNet, TCP/IP (option)
  • Fan Belt Monitoring
  • Water leakage detection function
  • Dry run protection
  • Fire override mode