Medium & High Voltage Motors

Medium & High Voltage Induction Motors

offers a diverse, fully
customisable range of Medium & High Voltage Induction Motors to meet your application requirements.


Teco has been manufacturing Electric Motors since 1956 and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of large induction motors. The acquisition of Westinghouse motor business gave to Teco 100 years of experience in motor design.

Teco motors combine quality, performance, reliability with low cost of ownership and industry experience with short lead times. Our highly customised motors are fine-tuned to the customer’s precise needs and offer a high degree of engineering flexibility and are proven in thousands of installations across the world.

Manufactured to suit your application the TECO High Voltage range of motors are available in voltages from 2.3kV to 13.8kV in cast iron and fabricated steel enclosures. All mounting forms are catered for including Foot, Foot & Flange, Vertical Flange and Vertical High-thrust. Motors can be built to meet many applications, including hazardous areas CSA Class 1, Division 2, ExnA and Exp as well as suitable for VFD operation and worldwide speciality standards including AP1541/547 and IEEE841.

Cast Iron Enclosure

TECO High Voltage Squirrel Cage Induction motors are available in both Nema and IEC frames in both single speed and multi-speed designs. We also offer Wound Rotor (Slipring) induction motors, Synchronous motors and large DC motors across a similar output range.

Fabricated Steel Enclosures

Manufactured to suit your application the TECO High Voltage range of motors are available in multiple enclosure types such as:

the modular design platform ensures engineering flexibility and allows for easy decoupling for servicing.

  • 150kW to 22,000kW.
  • Voltages from 2.3kV to 13.8kV
  • Available in Wound Rotor Induction and Synchronous forms
  • Speed range 2 pole to 22 pole

TECO motors are a logical choice for a wide range of industries including:

Oil & Gas Mining Petro-Chemical
Pulp & Paper Power & Energy Electric Utility
Water & Waste Water Marine Steel
Cement Air Separation Cement





Typical applications include Agitators, Blowers, Boring Mills, Pumps, Conveyors, Crushers, Fans and many more.

Special design features are available:

  • Very Low Vibration
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Low Starting Current
  • High Torques
  • Large Number of Starts
  • Extreme Areas
  • Multi-plane Balancing

Our highly experienced High Voltage Departments located in the United Kingdom and Germany has the capability to design and project manage the manufacture of Medium and High Voltage motors including large motor/drive combination projects up to 22MW.

Whatever your motor and drive requirements our experienced engineering teams can help and advise on the most appropriate products to suit your applications.

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