TECO acquires Italian company Motovario

Founded in 1965 Motovario is based in Italy producing mainly gear reducers, motors, and other power-transmission products, notably worm gears for which it is a top tier player in the world. The company has highly automated manufacturing facilities in Italy and Spain, as well as 150 sales agents in 60 countries. In 2014, the company also acquired Pujol, an established gear-reducer manufacturer, in Spain, greatly expanding its business scope.

It is part of TECO’s strategy to extend its operations from standalone products to system products and increase its European presence. The complete sales network of Motovario will facilitate the expansion of TECO’s operations into Europe; at the same time, Motovario will extend its reach into Southeast Asia, through the assistance of TECO’s sales network in the region.

As such, TECO will not only provide customers complete industrial drive solutions but also tap the huge potential for smart and automated production, heralding its inroad into the realm of industry 4.0.

Maurizio Negro, CEO of Motovario, said: “We are all incredibly excited about this transaction and I am convinced that TECO will strengthen the growth path of Motovario favouring further market expansion, especially in the Southeast Asia, developing significant synergies in research and products development, whilst enhancing the investments the group has made in production processes.”

Alessandra Gavirati, Partner at Synergo, said: I am extremely satisfied as this transaction represents not only an excellent return for the Fund, but also an extraordinary growth opportunity for Motovario, as TECO is the ideal partner to strengthen Motovario’s presence on international markets, and will contribute to a further expansion of the Italian excellence abroad.