The world of electric motors since 1956 ...

Established in 1956 TECO has transformed from an industrial motor manufacturing giant into a highly competitive and diverse worldwide service company. For over half a century, TECO has  successfully and steadily grown into today's leading position in the industrial motors and systems automation industries. Read More



TECO IE2 and IE3 Motors


Comply with the latest EC Efficiency regulation, TECO is offering complete range of IE2 and IE3 motors to the market. Read more





TECO Drive & Automation since 1969

With the acquisition of Taian Electric in 2003, TECO enters the industrial automation world leveraging on Taian long experience. Today, TECO System & Automation Business products include state- of-the-art variable frequency and servo drives, programmable logic controllers, operator interfaces, etc.

Information about EC dual-use regulation (EC) No. 428/2009

The EC dual-use regulation has been created by the European Community to control the export of goods, which can be...

TECO JSDA+ is going wider

Launch of 400V version JSDA+

TECO F510 Series Range enlargement

Range enlargement F510 400kW to 600kW