Emas Elettromeccanica

Emas Elettromeccanica appointed Authorised Service and Repair workshop for Teco Motors & Drives


EMAS workshop was built more than 35 years ago and is situated near to Milan, northern Italy's big industrial zone.


EMAS Elettromeccanica has recently been appointed as an Authorised Repair & Service workshop on behalf of TECO Electric & Machinery and TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company.

EMAS Elettromeccanica was founded in 1974 as a repair company for rotating electrical machines for both alternating and direct current. The 3000 m2 factory in Bereggio has some of the most modern facilities and installed the most up to date equipment which allows the highest quality of work to be performed and employs more than 30 skilled technicians. 

The company are led by 2 generations of the family, they are Senior Manager Antonio Caruso and General Manager Dr. Gianluca Caruso.

Nowadays the company is pursuing its “mission” of strong technological renovation and “customer satisfaction” with the adoption of new technologies in the manufacturing phases and especially in the field of the electric diagnostic, in order to ensure the satisfaction of more than 2000 clients who have put their trust into the brand EMAS ELETTROMECCANICA which stands for “quality, timeliness and efficiency.”

EMAS have great experience in the following areas:

  • Repair and overhaul machines mechanically and electrically in the workshop up to 10 tons in weight
  • Repair and overhaul machines at site, electrically and mechanically
  • Providing field service for commissioning, analysis and troubleshooting including root cause analysis
  • Reconstruction and modification of motor housings, fan circuits, cooling devices, etc