MV & HV Motors


 Large & High Voltage motor range from TECO

TECO is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of large induction motors. We provide custom designed and made to order motor to cater all kind of requirement. Our supply could cover custom built DC, synchronous and Induction Motors up to 60,000 HP. Our large modern manufacturing plants are located in Chung Li (Taiwan); Round Rock (USA); Wuxi & Jiangxi (China) including advanced testing facilities for full range of motors.

For a half a century TECO motors have been recognized as industry leaders in performance and quality. The acquisition of Westinghouse motor business gave to TECO over 100 years of experience in motor design.




  •             Oil & Gas • Mining
  • Power & Energy • Cement
  • Metals • Marine
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Other Process Industries
  • Fans • Pumps
  • Compressors • Grinding
  • Mills • Metal Rolling
  • Mine Hosts
  • Refiners
  • Propulsion & many others





Supply Range                                                                                                   

Standard: Both IEC and NEMA Frame
Voltage Options:
Low voltage to 750kW (<690V)
3.3kV from 75kW
6.6kV from 110kW
11kV from 250kW
13.2kV from 500kW
Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal with Foot and/or flange configurations
TEFC = Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IC411)
TECACA = Totally Enclosed, Closed Air Circuit, Air Cooled (IC611)
TECACW = Totally Enclosed, Closed Air Circuit, Water Cooled (IC81W)
ODP = Open Drip proof (IC01)
WPI = NEMA 1 Weather protected (IC01)
WPII = NEMA 2 Weather protected (IC01)



TECO utilises mica tape as its base material, which is impregnated with a special epoxy resin. Impregnation is accomplished by immersion of the completely assembled stator in the special resin using a vacuum pressure cycle. This ensures outstanding resistance to heat, moisture, and chemicals, and guarantees safe operation even under most severe environmental conditions.                        




Crown Series motors use box frame construction to provide frames that have the mechanical strength and stability to assure years of dependable, economical performance. The fabricated steel frames are braced by heavy steel plate bulkheads and end plates to make the frames both laterally and torsionally stable. End brackets are reinforced to give the bearings rigid support and to minimize bearing stiffness.



Bracing rings of insulated steel or epoxy glass yarn are used. Individual coils are lashed to the ring with glass cord. Impregnated felt packers are used between coil sides. Support of the coil ends is designed to restrain shock and vibration of the coil ends under heavy overload conditions such as those which occur during full voltage starting




TECO-Westinghouse induction motor rotors are recognised as the most reliable in the industry, and their high performance standards are a hallmark of the Crown Series motors. Standard construction utilises copper-copper/alloy bars, a time-proven choice for rotor construction because it provides maximum performance and reliability, and high quality silicon steel laminations to minimise losses resulting in high efficiency values. Connection between rotor bars and end rings are joined together using silver brazing and a “1 shot” brazing technique developed by TECO. Rotors balanced to ‘N’ grade as per BSEN and NEMA standards.


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